Project Overview

Core Developments is conducting pre-DA community consultation in relation to a proposed residential development on Blocks 2 and 10 Section75 Denman Prospect. The development includes two residential buildings with a height of 21.5m a total of 260 residential units.

The proposed development (being two residential buildings) is Stage 1 of broader development which includes a further site to the north (Block 9 Section 75). Development on Block 9 will consist of a single multi-unit residential building, which is expected to be developed separate to the buildings on Blocks 2 and 10.

Both stages of development will be linked by a single basement and residential amenities across all three buildings will be shared.

The subject site has primary frontage to John Gorton Drive which is a main thoroughfare through Denman Prospect and other suburbs in Molonglo. To the rear, the site is accessible from Summerfield Close which is a cul-de-sac servicing a number of high-density development sites.


Built Form

The Proposal has been designed by JUDD Studio. To ensure a high level of architectural interest, a range of building materials have been incorporated into the design. Building materials include a mixture of pre-cast concrete, metallic cladding and glazing. In addition to materiality, JUDD studio has used curves and shape in the built form to add to the character and theme of the development.

Landscape & Amenity

The development proposes large areas of communal landscaping to provide amenity and character to the precinct. The development incorporates a mix of hard landscape features like pools, water features, seating and paving in conjunction with soft treatments in the form of garden beds and grassed areas for casual use by residents.

In addition to landscaped communal areas, the development will include a co-working space, potential café (for resident use only), gym, BBQ facilities, and private communal areas that residents can book for private dining and/or functions.


Subject site:

Source: ACTMapi


National Capital Design Review Panel

The Proposal was presented to the NCDRP in 2020. Upon receipt of NCDRP feedback, significant changes to the design have been made to address all comments. A copy of NCDRP feedback on the original scheme is provided under ‘further information’ below.


Territory Plan

The subject site is zoned RZ5 High Density Residential Zone. The Proposal has been reviewed against all relevant Territory Plan requirements, and at a high level, is considered consistent in terms of land use, height and character.

In instances where strict compliance with the rule has been unattainable, compliance with the criteria has been achieved. There are no instances where a mandatory rule has not been met.


Desired Character

The desired character is determined by the zone objectives. The zone objectives for RZ5 are outlined and responded to as follows:

Response to Zone Objectives


Further Information

The latest architectural and landscape plans, as well as NCDRP feedback on the original scheme are available for download here: 

Architectural Plans

NCDRP Panel Advice

Landscape Plans

If you would like further information about the Proposal, or would like to discuss face-to-face, please send an email to and a member of the Core Developments team will be in contact.