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A new development for Gungahlin

Posted July 16, 2021

Project Overview

Core Developments is conducting pre-DA community consultation in relation to a proposed mixed use residential development on Blocks 5 & 6 Section 249 Gungahlin (corner of Camilleri Way & Manning Clark Crescent). The development offers a range of dwelling types including 230 apartments, 100 townhouses and approx. 500m2 of commercial space.

Subject site

The project is located at the southern edge of the Gungahlin Town Centre on 2 amalgamated blocks (total area 17,341 sqm). The site has a long frontage to Camilleri Way, and sits across the road from the Mullanggari Grasslands Nature Reserve.

Built Form, Landscape & Amenity

The proposal is for a mixed-use development, conceived as an integrated precinct of high and medium density housing underpinned by a pedestrian network linking village greens, urban plazas and commercial offerings.

The project includes 329 dwellings, including a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwelling types. 231 units are provided within an apartment complex, with terrace homes completing the residential mix.

The design for the precinct seeks to meet the challenges of its ‘southern interface’ positioning at the edge of the Town Centre, offering appropriate density and potential for mixed use, while establishing a new type of suburban community with a predominantly ‘residential scale’ edge.

Resident vehicle access is via basement parking, leaving the ground plane free for safe and connected shared open spaces. The internal green connections and community green space take advantage of passive surveillance offered by the existing apartments to the site’s north. The street edge is generally defined by a three-storey terrace typology, broken by internal connections – walk streets – that connect visitors and residents to the banks of two storey terraces that front the internal village greens and courtyards.

The design has sought to anchor the future linear park to the east with an L shaped apartment building, including double height commercial space and loft apartments relating to the linear park and an articulated multi-storey form with aspects to the future greenlink, to the grasslands, the urban plaza or with northern aspect across to the town centre. Commercial tenancies are proposed at the north-western frontage to the linear park to help activate the park.

National Capital Design Review Panel

The proposal was presented to the NCDRP on 14 July 2021. A copy of NCDRP feedback and our responses to the feedback received are available via the email below.

Territory Plan

The sites are zoned CZ5 High Density Residential Zone. The Proposal has been reviewed against all relevant Territory Plan requirements, and is considered consistent in terms of land use, height, solar access and character.

Desired Character

The desired character is determined by the zone objectives. The zone objectives for CZ5 are outlined and responded to as follows:

CZ5 Objective Applicant Response

a) Encourage higher density residential development in locations with convenient access to transport corridors, and commercial and employment centres

  • The proposed development offers a mix of high-low density housing across the site. The site is located directly adjacent to the light rail corridor, with the nearest light rail stop being approx. 100m from the site. The sites are also located on the periphery of the Gungahlin town centre making it central to commercial uses.

b) Create an efficient and sustainable urban environment and provide for a diversity of living, working and recreation opportunities

  • The proposed development offers a diverse range of dwelling types and ground floor terraces also enable commercial adaptability which ensures a diversity of living and working opportunities.

c) Maintain and enhance environmental amenity and undertake development using best practice environmentally sustainable development principles

  • The development maximises green space through retention of significant deep root planting zones that will allow for significant shade trees which will contribute to amenity and sustainability. The development also achieves 100% solar compliance with all dwellings meeting the minimum 3 hours of sunlight into living areas.

d) Encourage a standard of urban design that is consistent with selected major avenues, approach routes and other strategically located areas

  • The development is well suited to its locality and has been master planned to integrate with the surrounding linear park and make the most of the amenity of the adjacent Mulanggari grasslands.

e) Encourage activities particularly at street frontage level that contribute to an active public realm

  • All terraces have a commercially adaptable ground floor. The portion of the site that has frontage to the linear park includes commercial uses to help activate the park and generate activity.

f) Promote active living and active travel

  • The development prioritises pedestrian movements through the site with the establishment of ‘walk streets’. The sites are located approx. 100m from a light rail stop which means future residents will have excellent access to active transport modes.

g) Provide a high quality public realm by facilitating active uses on ground floor level that connect with the wider open space, pedestrian and cycle networks to promote active travel and active living

  • The development proposes a commercial ground floor at the frontage to the linear park which will connect with the open space and generate activity within the park. The development also includes landscaped ‘walk streets’ which will promote active living and connectivity to the broader town centre.

h) Provide a mixture of compatible land uses and integrate suitable business, office, residential, retail and other development in accessible locations to encourage walking and cycling, and maximise public transport patronage

  • The development includes a mix of residential, commercially adaptable residential and commercial uses. The sites are located in close proximity to the light rail corridor and ‘walk streets’ throughout, prioritising pedestrian connectivity and active transport.

Current Status

The latest architectural and landscape plans are available for download here:

Since receipt of NCDRP Advice (available for download below), Core have made the following revisions to plans:

  1. Provide an internal service road between front terraces and middle terraces
  2. Two of the lesser ‘Walkstreets’ removed and larger backyards instated
  3. Main village greens redesigned to allow this to be the main entry to terraces
  4. Some three storey terraces on Camilleri changed to two storeys and some 2 storey terraces changed to three storeys within development
  5. Cold shell apartment building at corner of Camilleri Way and Manning Clarke Crescent added to create more interest at this corner of the site and to create a relationship between the apartment building and townhouses
  6. Levels worked through the project to prove out DDA and resolve level changes across the site
  7. Waste room relocated to enlarge apartment foyer and create better sense of arrival for residents
  8. Additional vehicle connection to basement added on Camilleri to reduce queuing within the basement
  9. Internal and Manning Clarke Crescent terrace banks pushed up to Northern boundary to allow creation of internal service road
  10. Shift the through site connections on Camilleri way to align with the Village Greens rather than the now defunct WalkStreet’s
  11. Updated architectural plans (post NCDRP) can be downloaded below:

Updated architectural plans (post NCDRP) can be downloaded below:

Further Information

Core Developments will also be hosting a drop-in session on Thursday, 5 August 2021 between 5.00-7.00pm at the Gungahlin Eastlake Football Club. Please register your interest to attend via

If you would like further information about the Proposal, please send an email to and a member of the Core Developments team will be in contact.

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