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Posted March 10, 2020

A real experience of a Core build. Jai has just bought a two-bedroom unit at Mezzo as an investment property

Originally published under the title “Why I bought in Gungahlin”

Coming to Canberra was an eerie experience for Jai Hemnani. The city feels exactly the same as his home city, Islamabad.

He wanted to explore a Western country, and chose Australia based on recommendations from family friends. A good friend was in Canberra, so Jai settled here.

“It’s exactly the same, the only difference is the language,” Jai says. “It’s exactly the same landscape, it’s similar the way the city is laid out.”

With his partner, Jharna Harwani, Jai has just bought a two-bedroom unit at Mezzo as an investment property.

It was Jharna who spotted the home, while with a cousin from Sydney who also invested at Mezzo. They were impressed by the reasonable price range, so it became a matter of “if you invest, I’ll invest”, says Jai.

He is delighted with the quality of his purchase, after looking over his cousin’s apartment for settlement. The home is pristine, without any signs of the wear and tear a build can produce.

“I haven’t seen such a beautiful unit in the past nine years in Canberra, or Australia wide,” says Jai.

“It’s quite beautiful.”

It’s so appealing that, despite having bought it as an investment property, Jai is almost disappointed he won’t be living there. The city may be familiar, but Jai hasn’t always loved Canberra. After finishing his studies, he chafed at the bit for a while, finding the city a bit quiet for his taste.

Now, with a home, a partner and a job, he thinks he’s here to stay.

“Eventually [with] work and all that, I ended up staying here and I got a job here, so I don’t think I plan to move out of Canberra any time soon,” he says.

Source: ALL HOMES, 21 October 2017.

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